Accedian Networks’ integrated solutions orchestrate dynamic performance network monitoring, assurance and optimization all the way from the lower physical layer to the middle layer.

Traffic conditioning and hierarchical quality of service (H-QoS) enforcement optimize per-service performance to maximize resource capacity and efficiency. Solutions can be tailored to assure a wide range of QoS-critical applications, including LTE & small cell backhaul, emerging VoLTE applications, SLA-backed business services, data centre interconnect & more.

Service Activation Test / Circuit Turn-up
• RFC-2544 & Y.1564

Service Assurance / Performance Monitoring
• Active Monitoring with L-2 Y.1731, L-3 TWAMP, and PAA
• Passive Monitoring with FlowBroker (remote packet capturing)

Troubleshooting Tool Features
• In-service throughput test, port mirroring, loopback, statistics per flow